Laser cutting of sheet metal

Metal Invest – Gabrovo has a laser cutting machine KARMET Swing 3015 with a power of 4kW, which enables the cutting of the following materials:


  • black sheet metal – up to 20 mm
  • chrome-nickel sheet metal – up to 15 mm
  • aluminum sheet – up to 12 mm
  • copper and brass sheet – up to 5 mm
  • The maximum size of the processed sheet is 1500x3000mm.

How we work:

  • You send your cutting requests by email, which must contain:
    • A drawing of the detail
      • In DWG/DXF format – ideally without center marks, axis lines, bend lines, etc., only one overall dimension is required for inspection.
      • In SolidWorks format – such as Part Document /we prepare the drawing and convert it to DWG format/ or Drawing Document – the same applies as for DWG/DXF drawings.
      • A simple sketch scanned as PDF or jpeg(photo) we prepare a drawing and convert it to DWG format.
    • Data about the contracting authority:
      • If it is a company – company name, e-mail, identification number, MOL of the company, VAT registration, contact person, contact phone number.
      • If it is a natural person – name, email and contact phone number.
  • We send you an offer for the request.
  • You confirm the request to us.
  • You receive the finished details.


  • Depending on the volume of the order, the deadlines are between 3 and 5 working days.
  • We also offer an express service of up to 1 business day if the order is placed before 10:00 am.


Important information

  • As the thickness of the material increases, the quality requirements increase – we recommend cutting steels intended for laser cutting.
  • If the customer supplies material, it must be free of traces of oils, adhesives and rust.
  • We have a minimum price for a single order of one material – BGN 25.00 excluding VAT.
  • Preparation of /LANTEK DRAWING/ – BGN 60/hour.
  • Laser cutting discounts:
  • from 101 to 200 meters – 5%
  • from 201 to 500 meters – 10%
  • over 500 meters – 15%


Design consultation

  • If you have any questions regarding the design of metal parts for laser cutting or parts representing expansions, contact us.
  • E-mail –
  • Phone: +359 899 8630 79