About us

Metal Invest Gabrovo is a small enterprise founded in 2002 in Gabrovo, Bulgaria. It's built by a young and reliable team with experience in the production of metal structures and products for the industry. The production area of the enterprise is 1000m2 and an additional processing area of 900m2.

Our production program includes planning, design, production and installation of all types of metal structures of light and medium type, railings, stairs and details for the industry. We work with experienced planning authorities and professional business connecting companies, to develop, research and complete solutions for the construction of residential buildings, commercial sites and urban infrastructure.

In the early years of the company's establishment, we worked entirely for the Bulgarian market. Now we export over 60% of the total production to countries such as France, Italy, Belgium, Germany.
To meet our customers' requirements, we follow the standards of our suppliers. After that, we carry out quality control of our products, production and installation teams.

Metal Invest Gabrovo guarantees high quality, competitive prices and short lead time.

Our certificates:
* First group - high-rise construction works, it's associated infrastructure, electronic communications networks and facilities.
* Buildings of Fourth and Fifth category.


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Wrought iron furniture and articles

On the web site of our brand "Vicens" you can find wrought iron furniture, industrial style furniture, railings, fences, doors, sheds, grilles and other details of wrought iron.