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About us

Metal Invest Gabrovo Ltd.

Metal Invest Gabrovo is a progressive enterprise founded in 2002 in the town of Gabrovo, Bulgaria and is built by a young and reliable team with experience in the manufacture of metal structures and metal products for the industry. The production base of the enterprise is on the main area of ​​1000m2 and an additional base of 900m2 for the finishing.

Our production program includes planning, design, production and installation of all types of metal structures of light and medium type, metal railings, metal stairs and metal parts for industry. We work with experienced planning bureaus and specialized companies for connecting transactions, for development, research and complete solutions for the construction of residential buildings, commercial sites and urban infrastructure.

In the first years of our establishing we worked entirely for the Bulgarian market, while currently over 60% of the total production is exported to countries such as France, Italy, Belgium, Germany. In order to meet the requirements of our customers, we follow the standards of our suppliers and subsequently perform quality control over products, production and installation teams.

Our deadlines are fast, as Metal Invest Gabrovo guarantees high quality and competitive prices.

Our certificate

* First group – Buildings of high-rise construction, its fitting infrastructure, electronic communications networks and facilities.
* Construction of the FOURTH and FIFTH category.


“Metal Invest Gabrovo” launches a new service for its customers –
laser cutting of rolled metal.

Maximum cutting thicknesses:

Structural steels – upto 20 mm
Stainless steels – upto 15 mm
Aluminum alloys – upto 12 mm
Copper and brass – upto 5 mm

Manufacture of
metal stairs

Today, metal stairs can be seen absolutely everywhere. Usually metal stairs are used more often for outdoor use due to their durability and reliability. In the last few years, however, metal has been used in private construction, along with wooden and steel stairs.

Metal Invest Gabrovo Ltd. offers high quality manufacture of metal stairs – emergency metal stairs, external metal stairs, internal metal stairs, twisted metal stairs, metal steps.

Manufacture of
metal constructions

Metal constructions are a modern alternative in contemporary civil engineering, with extremely wide and diverse design possibilities for application. They are a reliable option with excellent functional and construction characteristics, namely long service life and strength. Significantly speed up and facilitate the progress of construction work, because instead of heavy and bulky bricks, stone or concrete blocks are used several times lighter prefabricated metal structures.

Metal Invest Gabrovo Ltd. offers quality workmanship and installation of metal structures of light and medium type.

Manufacture of
metal railings

Metal railings are used for stairs, terraces, office buildings, residential buildings, ramps, patios, as well as to restrict access to lawns, swimming pools, ponds. In addition to a beautiful and architecturally finished look of any interior or exterior space, metal railings provide comfort, protection and safety of people in the space.

Metal Invest Gabrovo offers manufacture and installation of metal railings of smooth profiles and metal railings of wrought iron. Both types of metal railings follow the slope and curves of the stairs.

Manufacture of
metal details

The company Metal Invest Gabrovo accepts orders for the manufacture of metal products from ferrous and non-ferrous metals, on which you have a drawing or conceptual model. The team of specialists is always ready to assist customers to achieve the desired functionality and design of the ordered product.

Hds automatic hand
Disinfection device

The HDS automatic hand sanitizer non-contact eliminates all pathogenic microorganisms from your hands in just 1 second. It saves time and money with its economical consumption and high efficiency.

The device is designed for intensive work in sites and places where there is a large flow of passers-by – restaurants, malls, hospitals, schools, gas stations, hotels, offices, cinemas and others.

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