Manufacture of metal railings

Metal railings are widely used in both the interior and exterior of any building. They are used for stairs, terraces, administrative buildings, residential buildings, ramps, patios, as well as to restrict access to lawns, swimming pools, ponds. In addition to a beautiful and architecturally finished look of any interior or exterior space, metal railings provide comfort, protection and safety of people in the space. We from Metal Invest Gabrovo offer production of metal railings, including design and installation of metal railings of smooth profiles and metal railings of wrought iron. Both types of metal railings follow the slope and curves of the stairs.

Metal railings - advantages

Robustness and reliability

Metal railings are extremely durable. Their strength helps them cope even with extreme weather conditions.

Long period of operation

When properly maintained, metal railings will stand the test of time for years to come and you can rely on them at all times.

Original design

Metal railings can be made in different designs. It all depends on the customer’s preferences and the place where he wants them to be installed.

Finished view

Adding metal railings will provide a stylish finish without blocking your view.

Low cost

Metal railings are many times cheaper than wooden railings. In addition, they do not need constant maintenance to look good.

Independent of weather conditions

The materials and technology for constructing the metal railings are not affected by weather conditions.