HDS Automatic Hand Sanitizer

Hand Disinfection System

Automatic hand sanitizer

Contactlessly eliminates all pathogens from your hands for only 1 second!

It saves time and money with its economical consumption and high efficiency

What is it used for?

HDS Automatic hand sanitizer is a machine for contactless treatment of hands with alcohol-based antiseptic by pressure injection.

This is an innovative, environmentally friendly technology that ensures the sterility of the hands and prevents the spread of pathogenic microorganisms.

Hygienic time - MI HDS

Unquestionably, no one underestimates the viruses today, explained by the annual flu waves. We respond to the need to protect your business, customers and employees from pathogens.


The contactless disinfection device offers a simple and safe solution for interrupting microbial transmission. With MI HDS, you choose the safe path to your business development.

Adaptability is a major success factor - don't let viruses paralyze your business.
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How to use it?

An automatic sensor detects placing your hands in the machine and sprays a disinfectant under pressure. The entire disinfection procedure takes 1 second.

After spraying the disinfectant, rub your hands. MI HSD will quickly eliminate all pathogens without having to use water or other sanitary supplies.

HDS - станция за дезинфекция на ръце
Technical parameters

MI HDS is a sensor machine for contactless hand disinfection. The automatic machine sprays an antiseptic/disinfectant, which guarantees the disinfection of the hands and the removal elimination of pathogenic bacteria.


Innovative and eco-friendly technology prevents the spread of infections and viruses. The efficiency of the disinfection procedure takes only one second – MI HDS saves time and supply expenses.


Installation of the machine requires no more than one square meter. A disinfection chamber is placed at the top of the unit. Sensors register your hands in the chamber and the spraying block injects microscopic antiseptic particles through the nozzles. MI HDS works in several modes and standard settings will greatly reduce the cost of sanitation.


Power supply: 220v
Height – 1200 mm
Width – 380 мм
Depth – 300 мм

Supplies and expenses

MI HDS works with an alcohol-based liquid disinfectant – a tank with a capacity of 5 litres is loaded at the bottom of the machine. Unlike other devices on the market, the MI HDS is compatible with all disinfectants. The system is efficient and economical: the cost of one injection is about 1 gram.


You save hygiene supplies (paper towels, napkins, cleaning supplies). The MI HDS is eco-friendly – its tank saves over 7 cubic meters of water.

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